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Our Mission





London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the

world, but at CineShow, we know there is life outside of

the M25! CineShow founder Jamie Roberts, Northerner

and London resident, recognises the lack of immersive

cinema North of the Watford gap and believes there is

definitely demand up North for more than chips and gravy!


"London has, and always will have, a thriving arts sector and for good reason. London is a bustling city which attracts people from all over not just the UK, but the world. Growing up in the North usually meant that you accepted the notion that should you want to work professionally in the creative industry or visit the very best theatre shows and attractions... you best put on your seatbelt and head South"


"I've had countless conversations with fellow Northerners and Scottish folk regarding the lack of interactive cinema events outside of the capital. While there is a fantastic theatre scene in the North, cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and the likes of Edinburgh being the heart of comedy... The lack of well funded, big production interactive cinema events is evident, which ultimately takes you back to the notion that movie lovers in the North looking for something a bit different... must once again strap on that seatbelt"


With ticket prices slightly higher than your average cinema screening but certainly less than your cheapest theatre ticket, CineShow will bring creative and exciting interactive cinema to the North and beyond.


"For some outside of London it's not a case of simply buying a ticket and showing up on the night, you'd have to factor in travel & accommodation, that final amount potentially being the deciding factor in whether you can or cannot attend such nice things"


"Am I saying there will be no CineShows in London? Of course not, half of my friends are London based and they are really excited to see my ideas come to life. I'm simply trying to give some ownership to Northerners, something to be proud of. I want to recruit locally and source local business' and charities tailored to each event"




CineShow will base itself, so therefore look to take on, creative people in North East Lincolnshire, the goal being to further their careers within a creative hub called CineSkills. CineSkills would ultimately be the next step for CineShow, helping creatives that may be cut off from the rich vein of employment in the creative entertainment industry that flows in big cities, simply because of where they choose to reside. 


We want to build a team of special effects artists, graphic designers, set designers, costume designers, actors, dancers, singers, writers, videographers and any other creative individual that is eager to put their unique skill set to task. To build something for the long term that will open up opportunities for many, in order to gain critical work experience in their chosen field without having to leave their home towns and families in a trade off.


"I include myself in that group, I've lived in London for 11 years simply because it has provided steady employment. I've gained some amazing experience and friends but my heart and family have always been by the sea, in my home town of Cleethorpes. To be able to leave your home, head to a job, not only that you love and enjoy, but return to your family or have dinner with old friends that same evening... is the dream right?"

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