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What is the age limit at CineShow events?

Each CineShow will differ from the next, so age restrictions will vary from show to show. Age limits are ultimately set with the content of the movie/TV shows they are based on in mind plus any additional show elements such as alcohol licensing or the venues own terms and conditions, plus conversations with local councils.

Why is CineShow different from a movie theatre?

CineShows are unique cinema events where the locations and settings will be matched with the Movie or TV show being shown to create an added dimension, to put you one step closer to your favourite movie. That said, although audience participation is encouraged, once the movie commences the audience should treat it as they would a movie theatre showing so no phones/loud chatter, anything that might spoil it for everyone else. 

Will there be audience participation?

CineShow encourages CosPlay, all attendees are urged to dress like their favourite characters or from the setting or time period from the show is based on. Let's REALLY step into the world of cinema.

Will there be Covid restrictions?

CineShow puts the health and safety of its attendees above everything and along with each venues specific safety rules we will be adding additional Covid 19 safety procedures in place. Every venue will have sanitisers and wash facilities available and for the mean time we will not be selling show tickets at the venues full capacity, ensuring people will have the room to adhere to social distancing.

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