La La Land @ The Minster UPDATE 

It is with GREAT pleasure that we can finally announce the rescheduled date for

La La Land @ the Minster as Saturday 12th February!

What we do:



Immersion cinema is one of the fastest growing mediums in entertainment and it's our mission at CineShow to literally bring the movies to you. Combining movies with theatre to create truly interactive 'one of a kind' events. Fancy a swim with Jaws? or a boogie with Johnny and Baby? The possibilities are endless but we won't be giving up all our secrets just yet!


CineShow events will take you a step closer to your favourite movies and shows, providing unique memories along the way that will last a lifetime. Get involved and become part of a movie classic or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Join us on our latest adventure to... La La Land! TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!

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